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Welcome to the New Practice Management Blog!

One thing is for sure – we are shaped by our experiences.  And when I look back over the past 14 years of my career in the retirement industry, I’ve had some amazing experiences working  with many of our industry’s most influential advocates, hundreds of plan sponsors and committees, and thousands of plan participants. PQ11372CC

I’ve been so blessed, to learn so much from so many, that I feel obligated to pass on what I learned from these experiences and the wisdom that was shared with me. My blog will focus on practice management and development, mostly for retirement plan advisors and financial professionals, but occasionally broad concepts on marketing, sales, and service.

I’ve been working with advisors and financial professionals for nearly my entire career, but here’s what you need to know about me:

  • My career with The Principal® started right out of Wartburg College (my degree is in marketing and management) in the participant call center. I spent a year helping explain retirement plans to employees from thousands of companies.
  • From there, I moved on to the sales desk where I worked on responding to requests for proposals, as well as consulting on plan pricing and design.
  • It was only natural to then move down the sales pipeline and work on the client presentation team where I helped prepare our finalist presentation strategy, first in small to mid-market and then spent several years in our large Institutional market space.
  • And that brings me to the last four years – working with advisors and financial professionals, local sales and service teams, and the corporate team to create the ideal environment for retirement plans, advisors and participants.

I hope after each post you walk away with a unique or new idea you can implement in your practice.  I also hope you’ll share topics you want to know more about, I can’t promise I’ll have every answer, but a great thing about working at The Principal is we have the people who do have answers (and I’m not afraid to ask for help from a few guest bloggers!).

Coming Soon

My next blog post will focus on strengthening client relationships and will post next week. Until then, you can contact me in the comments or follow me on Twitter.

In addition to blogging here, I also tweet regularly about advisor-focused practice management topics like sales and lead generation, marketing, service and management/operations. Follow me at @Rschutty.

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